Relocation checklists

Once you’ve organised your visas, employment and medical registration for Australia, there’s still lots to do before you relocate.

Rural Workforce Agencies can provide additional support and assistance to doctors seeking to practice in Australia. To find out more, contact the Rural Health Workforce Australia.

Moving to a new country is a huge undertaking, but an exciting one. The Department of Home Affairs has put together checklists to help you plan your move, and to set out the important things you need to do before you leave for Australia and once you get here.

Before you leave

  • Financial matters
  • Travel plans
  • Important documents
  • Customs
Using a migration agent
  • The agent’s role and responsibilities
  • Contact points for approved migration agents
When you arrive
  • Immigration clearance
  • Quarantine
  • Customs
  • Money-changing
First days in Australia
  • 7 important things to do as soon as possible after you arrive.