Your responsibilities as an employer include making sure that:

  • the role and its responsibilities are clearly communicated to the doctor. Some OTDs, for cultural or religious reasons, may have an issue with performing certain procedures - pap smears, for example
  • the employment and remuneration is in accordance with Australian industrial laws
  • there’s an employment contract or letter of appointment covering the position.

Rural Workforce Agencies (RWAs)

Rural Workforce Agencies (RWAs) are located in each state and the Northern Territory. RWAs’ main focus is recruitment and retention of general practitioners in rural and remote areas of Australia.

RWAs are funded by the Department of Health to offer free services to practices, ranging from simple advice to full case-management services including
    • assessment
    • immigration
    • registration
    • orientation
    • family support.
Check with the RWA in your State or Territory to find out the type and scope of these services.

RWAs – more information and links

Medical recruitment agencies

Medical recruitment agencies work on behalf of both private and public employers. They actively seek appropriately qualified doctors, including OTDs, to fill positions all over Australia. Most recruitment agencies will also list employment opportunities on their websites.

In addition, agencies will generally help you navigate processes such as immigration and medical registration. Some may even help organise the OTD's move to Australia.

Services provided vary between agencies, so check whether the agency you’ve chosen can give you what you need.

Medical recruitment agencies – more information and links

Direct recruitment

You can of course recruit directly, but if you haven’t done it before, we’d recommend you contact the RWA in your State or Territory for advice. They may have checklists and other aids to help you.

Self- marketing methods include advertising in medical journals or newspapers, and posting ads to job sites under the medical/health vacancy sections or on the relevant Specialist Medical College website. Your local RWA, Division of General Practice or Medicare Local may also be able to advertise your vacancy.

Online medical journals
Jobsites for specialists
RWAs – more information and links
National Divisions of General Practice
Primary Health Networks – more information