Professional indemnity cover

Professional indemnity insurance plays a vital role within the Australian health system by working to protect both doctors and patients in the event of an adverse incident arising from medical care. While Australia’s health system is generally very safe, things occasionally go wrong and patients may sometimes be harmed in the process of receiving medical care.

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) requires all registered medical practitioners, except those with non-practising registration, to be insured or indemnified for every context in which they practise. Check with your employer what kind of cover will be right for you.

Medical indemnity cover for doctors is a requirement of registration in Australia. Check with your employer what kind of cover will be right for you.

Five specialist insurers are represented by a peak body, Medical Indemnity Insurance Association of Australia (MIIAA).


Medical indemnity insurers

Department of Health programs

The Department has a range of programs in place to help doctors and their insurers with medical indemnity costs.

The Department of Health Package
The Department’s medical indemnity package aims to:
    • help doctors with their medical indemnity costs
    • ensure there’s a viable, on-going medical indemnity insurance market.
The Run-off Cover Scheme (ROCS)
Under this scheme the Department guarantees to pay the cost of medical indemnity claims covered by the scheme against eligible doctors who have left the private medical workforce. The type of visa on which you enter Australia may affect the timing of your eligibility for this scheme.

The Premium Support Scheme (PSS)
Under this scheme the Department helps eligible doctors with the costs of their medical indemnity insurance.

Exceptional Claims Scheme
The ECS is the Department's scheme to indemnify doctors for 100% of the costs of certain private practice claims that are above the $20 million limit of their medical indemnity contracts of insurance. This is so that doctors are not personally liable for amounts that exceed their contract's limit of insurance.

The High Cost Claims Scheme
Under this scheme, the Department will reimburse medical indemnity insurers, on a per claim basis, 50% of the cost of the claim which is in excess of $300,000 up to the limit of the practitioner's cover.