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Public submissions to the review of the National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme.

Page last updated: 20 March 2012

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Better Regulation of Industrial Chemicals

ROAM made a significant submission to the Productivity Commission's Chemicals & Plastics Regulation investigation 2008/9.

In our submission we provided evidence of companies closing their Australian manufacturing operations due to NICNAS & provided an insight into the impact of this legislation on all areas of manufacturing in Australia (not just the chemical industry).

Our preferred outcome was for NICNAS to be compelled to accept accreditation of new industrial chemicals by Canada,the USA & the European Union.The Commissioner agreed & one of his key findings was to so direct NICNAS.However a time frame was not applied which means that there is still no acceptance of accreditation by NICNAS of Canadian,USA & European Union accreditation.

There is no risk to Australia in accepting such accreditation as a "safety net" exists whereby a substance (already accredited) can be subject to review.Many safer ingredients have been denied Australia because of NICNAS as well as many higher tech ingredients necessary for our manufacturers to provide the very latest products domestically as well as remaining competitive in export markets.

Whilst some would say that any change (as we suggest) will come too late as we have decimated our manufacturing industries, we strongly believe that we could win back the old image as the "Smart Country".

We therefor submit that NICNAS be directed to immediately accept ingredients where accreditation has been obtained in Canada,USA & European Union .We further urge for Recommendation 4.3 (of the Productivity Commissioner) to be implemented.

Barry Alchin & Maurie Catt

02 9524 3005 & 02 9634 6127