Matt Yannopoulos

Mr Yannopoulos is the Deputy Secretary of the Chief Operating Office

Page last updated: 24 July 2018

Mr Yannopoulos took up the role of Chief Operating Officer on 9 July 2018. In this position he is responsible for the Department’s corporate and enabling areas that support the Department in meeting its purpose. Responsibilities include finance, legal, corporate services, the health state network, human resources, communications and information technology.

Prior to this, Mr Yannopoulos was the Senior Responsible Officer for the Child Care Reform Implementation at the Department of Education. In this role has was responsible for the leadership and direction for the Program of Child Care Reform Implementation including the build of the new IT system supporting the child care reforms across the Departments of Education, Human Services and Social Services.

Mr Yannopoulos has held previous government positions including First Assistant Secretary, Portfolio Investment Division and Chief Information Officer at the Department of Health as well as other significant roles such as Portfolio CIO of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and as the Department of Defence's first Chief Technology Officer.

Mr Yannopoulos has an accounting and information technology background and is an accredited CPA. Mr Yannopoulos is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canberra.

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