Caroline Edwards

Caroline Edwards is the Deputy Secretary of Health Systems Policy and Primary Care Group.

Page last updated: 14 February 2018

Caroline Edwards joined the Department of Health in November 2017 and is the Deputy Secretary of Health Systems Policy and Primary Care Group.

Prior to joining the department Caroline was Deputy Secretary of the Health and Aged Care Group (HACG) in the Department of Human Services. HACG is responsible for the delivery of programmes in the health portfolio including Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Aged Care payments; HACG has 2500 staff and is focussed on continual improvement in the delivery of universal health care payments to Australians.

Prior to joining the Department of Human Services in June 2016, Caroline spent most of her career in social policy, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs. This included 10 years in the Northern Territory where she worked for Aboriginal Legal Aid, as a Judicial Registrar in the Northern Territory Magistrates Court and in the Federal Court where she mediated and case-managed native title and other cases as delegate of a judge.

Prior to Caroline’s role at the Department of Human Services, Caroline worked as Chief Advisor in the Corporate and International Tax Division of the Department of Treasury with responsibility for local and international messaging on corporate tax avoidance issues including at IMF and OEDC fora.

Caroline is committed to leadership development in the Australian Public Service as well as to fostering diversity and innovation. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Laws with first class Honours from Monash University.

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