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Our Enterprise Agreement 2016-19

The Department of Health (department) Enterprise Agreement 2016-19


Online version of the 2014-15 Department of Health Annual Report


Online version of the 2013-14 Department of Health Annual Report


Our Enterprise Agreement 2011-14

The Department of Health and Ageing's (department) Enterprise Agreement 2011-14


Occasional Papers New Series, No. 14 - Measuring Remoteness: Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) Revised Edition.

The Accessibility/Remoteness Index of Australia, sponsored by the Department of Health and Aged Care, uses accessibility by road to services to develop a standard classification and index of remoteness.This revised edition was released in October 2001.


Occasional Papers: Health Financing Series Volume 5. Technology, Health and Health Care.

This is the fifth volume in the series and examines the role of technology in health care in Australia. This paper does not attempt to provide a comprehensive coverage of all issues relevant to health technology. Instead, it attempts to examine some of the more significant issues in order to introduce the reader to the complexities of the area. It presents, where available, illustrative empirical information, examples and commentary from key researchers, and provides leads into the literature for further reading.


Occasional Papers: Health Financing Series Volume 6. The Quality of Australian Healthcare: Current Issues and Future Directions.

This is the sixth volume in the series and considers issues associated with the quality of Australian health care services. The paper canvasses some of the issues faced by government in intervening to best support high quality health care. A number of current Commonwealth government interventions are described across a range of regulatory, financing and research and development approaches. The range of national machinery to promote the quality of health care is also described.


Occasional Papers New Series, No. 7 - The Ageing Australian Population and Future Health Costs: 1996-2051

This study projects future health costs attributable to the progressive ageing of the Australian population based on extensive administrative data on medical practitioner visits (to GPs and specialists), prescription drug consumption and hospital admissions. Scenarios based on these cost data were applied to projections of the Australian population by age and sex out to 2051 — by which time the transient effects of the 'baby-boom' cohort will have worked their way through the system.


Occasional Papers New Series, No. 1 - Reforming the Australian health care system: the role of government

This first paper in the series Occasional Papers: New Series, deals with Australian government involvement in health care; population health, particular challenges for the Australian health system and changing priorities.


Occasional papers series

This page contains: First series 1997 - 1998 , New series 1999 - 2003, Health financing series 1999 - 2001.