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Page last updated: 14 February 2019

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Original Articles

Recent trends in invasive group A Streptococcus disease in Victoria

Jane Oliver, Mathilda Wilmot, Janet Strachan, Siobhan St George, Courtney R Lane, Susan A Ballard, Michelle Sait, Katherine Gibney, Benjamin P Howden and Deborah A Williamson || || Published online: 15/3/2019
Full Text (Word 236 KB) (PDF 3.01 MB)

Anatomy of a seasonal influenza epidemic forecast

Robert Moss, Alexander E Zarebski, Peter Dawson, Lucinda J Franklin, Frances A Birrell and James M McCaw || || Published online: 15/03/2019
Full Text (Word 1.29 MB) (PDF 3.90 MB)

The use of normal human immunoglobulin (NHIG) for public health purposes in Queensland 2004-2014 and Australia 2014-2016

Megan K Young, Allan W Cripps and Graeme R Nimmo || || Published online: 15/03/2019
Full Text (Word 220 KB) (PDF 3.04 MB)

Four recent ciguatera fish poisoning incidents in New South Wales, Australia linked to imported fish

Alan Edwards, Anthony Zammit and Hazel Farrell || || Published online: 1/02/2019
Full Text (Word 85 KB) (PDF 2.87 MB)


Annual reports

Immunisation coverage annual report, 2015

Brynley P Hull, Alexandra J Hendry, Aditi Dey, Frank H Beard, Julia M Brotherton and Peter B McIntyre || || Published online: 15/03/2019
Full Text (Word 1.96 MB) (PDF 5.7 MB)

Australia’s notifiable disease status, 2015: Annual report of the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System

NNDSS Annual Report Working Group || || Published online: 15/03/2019
Full Text (Word 13 MB) (PDF 6.89 MB)

Paediatric Active Enhanced Disease Surveillance (PAEDS) annual report 2016: Prospective hospital-based surveillance for serious paediatric conditions

Jocelynne E McRae, Helen E Quinn, Gemma L Saravanos, Alissa McMinn, Philip N Britton, Nicholas Wood, Helen Marshall and Kristine Macartney on behalf of the PAEDS network || || Published online: 1/02/2019
Full Text (Word 326 KB) (PDF 3.02 MB)

Annual report on influenza viruses received and tested by the Melbourne WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza in 2016

Vivian K. Leung, Yi-Mo Deng, Matthew Kaye, Iwona Buettner, Hilda Lau, Sook-Kwan Leang, Leah Gillespie, and Michelle K. Chow || || Published online: 1/02/2019
Full Text (Word 1.00 MB) (PDF 5.38 MB)

Quarterly reports

Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Surveillance, 1 October to 31 December 2017

Kate Pennington || || Published online: 1/02/2019
Full Text (Word 1.79 MB) (PDF 2.98 MB)

OzFoodNet quarterly report, 1 October to 31 December 2015

The OzFoodNet Working Group || || Published online: 1/02/2019
Full Text (Word 84.4 KB) (PDF 2.83 MB)

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